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April 21 2012 to April 22 2012

In just two days of powerful training—you can develop your mind’s latent abilities to sense information, heal, manifest coincidences and influence the world around you. This is accomplished through a series of relaxing mind training exercises under the guidance of your certified Life System trainer. The secret is learning to function at the Alpha Level, understanding the Laws the Govern your Mind, and Learning Silva’s specific finely-tuned techniques for channeling your mind’s ability.

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Why Silva is a Unique Experience

Time Tested and Continuously Refined for 50 Years

Jose Silva first began his research into the human mind in the 1950s. His original class made waves across the world. The New York times article below talks about one such class by Jose Silva, all the way back in 1972.

Back then, Silva’s classes were focused on self-improvement techniques like curing headaches, sleep control, relaxation. The world was not yet ready to be introduced to concepts like mind-body healing, remote viewing, the mind influencing matter and other phenemonon that have only recently been proven by scientist like Hal Puthoff, William Braud, Jahne and Dunne and others.

So Jose Silva marketed his seminars to a skeptical American public as a self-improvement seminar similar to modern seminars like Tony Robbins and other motivational gurus.

After 40 years of refining and developing his training, in the 1990s, Jose Silva had an ephiphany—and move his seminars into the next level of human mind development. This, he called the Life System Seminar.

Extract from a New York Times Article on Jose Silva

The following extract is from an April 16, 1972 New York Times article Can Man Control His Mind

“A recent study by Trinity University, San Antonio, Tex. would appear to indicate that graduates of Mind Control do attain a high degree of Alpha production. C. W. Post College, Greenvale, L. I., is planning to offer the course at its business school this fall and Canisius College will offer it in its Department of Religious Studies.”

“A visit to a Mind Control class in New York discloses more stockbrokers than bearded way outs and the dress style is closer to Brookes Brothers than to the East Village. A major New York company has sent all its top executives through the course and its president, a hard-headed businessman is seriously thinking of instituting an in-house training program for all employees. He refused to speak for the record, saying, We think there is something there, but I don’t want to alarm our stockbrokers at the moment.”

“Other businessmen are not so reluctant. Lee Epstein, a vice- president and art group supervisor at Doyle Dane Bernbach volunteered: “It opened the gates for me. It has re-energized me, made me more creative and yet more relaxed. I practice it every day and get better and better at my job and my life.”

~ New York Times, April 16, 1972


What You Will Learn…


Learn how to put yourself into a deep level of meditation within 60 seconds flat. Nothing bothers you. Sounds don’t disturb you. Stress melts away. Headaches and migraines…may vanish forever. Productivity soars. Ambitions stay clearly on focus without distraction. Worries no longer suffocate you. And, as TIME Magazine reported in a cover story… “Meditation is being recommended by more and more physicians as a way to prevent, slow or at least control the pain of chronic diseases like heart conditions, AIDS, cancer and infertility.” Fortunately, the Silva System takes the art of meditation to a whole new level. It’s unprecedented!

In the Silva Life System Seminar you will spend 10 sessions in deep Alpha and Theta level meditation as an instructor guides you mentally and verbally.


Are you overweight? Do you smoke? Do you have trouble with motivation, diet, exercise…sticking to personal resolutions?

With the Silva Life System System, you apply a technique called the Mental Video Technique to get guidance and insight on what actions need to be taken to correct such problems.

You then implement the correction using a technique called the 3-Scenes Technique. It’s a two step process that is far more powerful than simply self-hypnotism, affirmations or visualization.

Amazing But True! Addictions have no control over you. Cravings and needs such as uncontrollable “binge eating” cease to exist.


Amazingly, the scientific community and health professionals are only now beginning to speak out about a concept Jose Silva knew and taught for years…that “the mind is the driving force behind ALL healing.”

Using personal “case-working” techniques detailed in the Silva Life System System, you will discover scientifically-proven mental visualization methods to speed up recovery from illness, to instantly cure pain and injury, to obtain radiant health, help prevent illness and disease…even how to send healing ‘vibrations’ and ‘imagery’ to loved ones from a distance.

Hard to believe? Well… consider that a world-renowned cancer therapy researcher called the Silva technique:…the most powerful single tool that he can offer his patients.

One part of the Silva Life System Seminar involves students pairing up with each other and using their minds to mentally “discover” illnesses and problems with people unknown to them—and then using the mind to send healing to these people. It sounds incredible but it true and the results that people obtain on this exercise are always mind-blowing.

“Significant effects on my life, career and approach to things”

The Silva seminar taken this spring had several significant effects on my life, career and approach to things in general.

I also visualized a couple of my seriously sick friends who live overseas, and I was amazed at the results. One friend, sick of prostate cancer at the age of 41, started to plan vacations on a sailboat, at the time I was visualizing that he was sailing totally cured. The other friend that suffered from nervous breakdown told me on the phone that she just came back from a field full of flowers where she found a few moments of peace and relaxation, and the day before I visualized her dancing in a field full of flowers.

I didn’t expect any miracles after the Silva seminar, but I’ve learned that we have all the abilities we need to become what we want to be and even to have some telepathic influence on other people; we just have to believe in it and get rid of all doubts that stop us from getting what we want.

~ Margaret J., Oakville


Your mind is well adept at creating “coincidences” and “opportunities” and of controlling “luck” in pushing you towards your goals. In other words, you may command the power of thought to influence reality.

But here’s the problem with many such visualization systems—if you attempt to manifest something that is not part of higher intelligence’s plan for you than you may end up failing or worse—attracting things that are wrong for you.

Jose Silva was aware of this limitation and in the Silva Life System System we focus on teaching the student how to use their minds at the Delta level (while they sleep) to identify the right goals and discover their life mission.

This revolutionary technique can be used while you sleep—pouring ideas, insights and guidance into your head and enabling you to unravel and solve potential problems that may seem out of control.

Once you identify what is the RIGHT mission or goal for you, you then apply the 3-Scenes technique to bring this goal to reality.

“Nothing short of Remarkable!”

Deciding to take the Silva Life System course this summer was the best decision I’ve ever made. It changed my views on everything and it makes me see thing in a whole new light. The successes I’ve had with the course are nothing short of remarkable!

I’ve even used the three scenes technique to increase my sports performance and the results have been absolutely spectacular! I also used the Silva dream technique to see if I could recall a dream that would come to me that night and it worked on my very first attempt. That’s the fun part of having taken the course. You can create your own little experiments and prove it’s validity by programming little things to appear into your life. And as your confidence in the methods improve, so will your results.

~ Omar, Toronto, Canada


The most powerful instrument we have in our hand is the power of our mind.” Napoleon Hill made that statement over 75 years ago. The good news is, Jose Silva expanded on Napoleon Hill’s work and created ingenious methods to help anyone transform themselves into a “super-achiever.”

Are you a salesman, entrepreneur, business executive, retired, starting out, housewife, high school dropout, blue collar or white collar worker? It doesn’t matter.

We’re all here to fulfill our mission—whether it raising two wonderful kids, writing an influential book, saving the rainforests or launching a multi-million dollar business and creating jobs for hundreds of people.

In the Seminar you learn how to apply your mind to first discover what you should be doing. You then learn how to apply your mind to success at doing it.


How would you like to command and influence people from a distance? How would you like to perhaps radiate an instant charm and connection with those you meet—establishing a charismatic rapport, even an upper-hand—with those you come in contact with?

With people you want to know? With relationships you hope to cultivate? The Silva System will teach you exactly how you may tap into your mind… drawing upon intuitive powers you already have to further yourself in every way imaginable—your career, your personal life, business decisions—helping you to perhaps BURST THROUGH DOORWAYS to immense PROSPERITY and BREAK-AWAY SUCCESS in your immediate future!

The Agenda

The Silva Life System consists of lectures, guided exercises that take you into the alpha and theta level, and group activities where you practice your new found skills

Each of our qualified instructors being in their own experiences and skills to make the event a memorable and powerful life changing weekend. The audience is usually cosy—anyway from 30 to 50 people.

Each seminar lasts 2 days and is usually held from 9am to 6pm on a Saturday and Sunday

The Silva Life System seminar is a scientifically proven method that offers a myriad of techniques and mental exercises that allow a person to take charge and live a life of their own design. The exercises allow you to deepen into the Alpha and Theta frequencies, using more brain and opening the door to the subjective realm that allows you to use more of your mind potential. The techniques allow you to master mind/body management to overcome stress, sleep without the use of drugs, use dreams for problem solving, manifest your goals, manage pain and discomfort, reach your ideal weight for maximum health, improve memory, make better grades in school, enjoy loving relationships, enhance your intuition for everyday problem solving and more! This truly remarkable, time tested program is being used by millions worldwide and is proven to work.

Editor-in Chief of New Living Magazine on Silva Life System

“With The Jose Silva Life System ESP System, you can learn to use your mind in a more powerful way to communicate with others better, to tap into your intuition easier, to enjoy success, happiness and health and to help others do the same!”

~ Christine Lyn Harvey, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, New Living Magazine, New York City

Seminar Quick Facts

  • Seminars are conducted over two (2) days
  • Lasts from 9am to 6pm each day, usually Saturday and Sunday
  • Personal Attention: average class sizes range from 30-50
  • Register online to hold a seat
Dates: April 21 2012 to April 22 2012

Instructor Bio: Steve Protopappas

Instructor Image

Steven Protopappas has been involved with the Silva Method since he first took the Seminar in 1974. As an instructor, he is a dynamic speaker and very passionate about the training you will receive in his seminars. Steven will teach you "personal empowerment" and provide you with tools and techniques that will help you to create the reality you really desire.

He has an extensive background in personal development and has worked as a trainer for many years. Steve conducts the Silva Method seminars for individuals who want to take control of their destiny, and get the most out of life. He has published articles on human development and is comfortable working with groups of any size, from individuals to several hundred people. His seminars are energetic and inspiring, his voice is soothing and relaxing as he leads you through the exercises and techniques!

Josie Protopappas has been actively involved with the Silva Programs since 2003. In addition to her Silva training, Josie is also a Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor, a certified Hypnotherapist, and a certified Massage Therapist.

As a Silva Instructor, Josie brings new perspectives and insights to the class. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of healing modalities are a perfect match for a Silva Instructor.

Steven and Josie reside in Roseville, just outside the Sacramento area, and invite you to contact them for more information.


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April 21 2012 to April 22 2012

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